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Remixing marriage rights

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Initially, I intended to do a video on gender roles based on the Super Bowls ads. While watching the videos the day of the Super Bowl, I couldn’t but think to myself just how misogynistic the commercials were. Every thing seemed to want to make men believe they have been emasculated and it’s time to recapture their manhood whether it be through a loud car or the fact that they can walk around and just not wear pants.

All because they are men.

Then, I thought that would be a little easy to do. I wanted to go down a different road and I am going still going to touch on a gender issue, but marriage.

There was sentence I read on Adland.tv and it stuck with me as I watched videos on Archives.org.

“What really puzzles me is, why would CBS reject an ad for a gay dating service and then include a bunch of ads depicting how much men hate being around women. It seems the prime time for a gay dating service ad to air, in hindsight.”

There it is.

Our attitudes have not changed much when it comes to homosexual relationships in the last 50 years. Homosexuality is part of our culture, but not so much that CBS would air an ad depicting two gay men into each other. The only time homosexuality was shown was during an ad that showed Megan Fox in a bathtub and apparently she’s so hot even gay men get jealous over her.

Many of the videos from the 1950 and 60s talk about marriage and what tough and daunting task it can be. There are many instructional videos on the matter, but everyone is of a white man and woman getting married.

However, there was a video titled “It takes all kinds” that became an immediate favorite especially because it started with the narration: “Freedom of choice, a long fought for, hard-won freedom, but how many us are really prepared to fight for it?”

Well, not CBS this year.

I’m going to use some of the ads that were rejected for this year’s Super Bowl. There are a number of ads I could use that were aired, mostly showing how miserable apparently guys are in heterosexual relationships (isn’t that guys need to drive a Charger?) or just how a couple is supposed to be a man and woman.

The difficult thing would be showing a lesbian relationship. Even some of the rejected ads only show men and I don’t recall any of the aired commercials talking about women and their attitude toward relationships. If we get deeper into the Super Bowl ads, apparently women only live to emasculate men and eat vegetables.


Written by Susan Lulgjuraj

April 1, 2010 at 12:14 am

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